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The primary goal in the My Baby and Me book series is to walk through a complete decision making process allowing each young woman and young man to make fully informed decisions about their choices concerning themselves and their children.

My Baby and Me for Girls

Written by Anne Pierson, co-founder of Loving & Caring, the books in the My Baby and Me Series are written for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. These counseling tools can be used during individual counseling or within group sessions.

Over 400,000 My Baby and Me books have been used by clients all over the world!

The first step is to go through “The Me I See” this helps the young woman and counselor/mentor have a starting point of connection and understanding of where she is coming from. Second, “Basic Decision Making” takes you through a simple, outlined decision making plan. Based on the answers in Basic Decision Making you either move through “Looking at Parenting” and “ A Place to call Home or “What about Adoption” and “Looking At Adoption” but the goal is to work through both decisions to completion so that at the end the young woman can say with confidence I choose to…

There is less opportunity for regret, there is buy in, and there is the opportunity for those walking with her to help her face the consequences of her decision and guide her back to the decision making process she went through to get there. In the words of a partner Adoption Agency worker “You have to exclude parenting before embracing adoption.” The My Baby and Me Workbook series is designed to help each young woman come to her own conclusion after going through a complete decision making process.

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